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11 year old Pony

Blue is our very kind and beautiful pony boy. He was donated to us by a young girl who lost her battle with Leukemia. Blue needed a lot of attention and training, but has become a terrific therapeutic riding pony. His willingness to learn and his spunky attitude makes him a perfect fit for our riding program. Blue loves to be groomed by the kids, love hugs and enjoys his regular weekly trail rides.

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Boomer 005

14 year old Quarter horse

2 weeks after our beloved mustang Babe had to be put to rest , a man showed up at Bernadette's barn desperately looking for a home for his wife's pet horse . Boomer was born in Texas and is a beautiful 12 year old Quarter Horse, who was mostly misunderstood in what he needed to be relaxed for riding. Boomer was taken right away by his loving curious and super friendly disposition and decided to give him a chance. He was adopted by BBTRC and after 1 year of training is working now in our program, immediately conquering all our students and volunteers hearts .


My Perfect Ten

19 year old Quarter Horse Mare

Also known lovingly as "Tenney", she is our newest addition to the herd. Donated to us by a generous local woman, Tenney has won over our hearts. For most of her career, Tenney took kids over fences and through the show ring, but now she has her most important role ever - that of a therapeutic riding horse.

Tenney's kind and gentle spirit gives riders the confidence they sometimes need. She loves her new job and and does it very well.

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Appaloosa Gelding

Cheeto came to us a few years ago extremely frightened with visible scars and signs of previous abuse. Through the consistent care and love of our staff and volunteers, Cheeto has become a gentle and affectionate guy and we are so grateful to have him as part of our family.


Miss Skippa Bug

28 year old Paint Mare

Skippy is 28 years young and has given birth to seven foals during her lifetime. At one time she was a rather famous Western show horse. But, after her owner retired, she was somewhat forgotten and left alone in her stall. Bernadette noticed this lovely mare and made a point to get to know her, since she passed her stall everyday. After some time, Bernadette left the owner a note asking if she would consider donating Skippy to the BBTRC and shortly she received a call. Skippy's owner was thrilled to give her a second chance at a new life. Skippy has made such a difference in the lives of so many children. She has been a reliable, gentle girl and we absolutely adore her.


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22 year old paint mare

This beautiful girl came to us through our good friend and farrier Greg Perez and his wife Diana . Oreo was purchased as an investment horse by the Perez family together with a partner , but as the horse market went bad , was put in Greg's backyard " on hold " . With her amazing disposition , it was clear to Greg, that she was meant to be a therapy horse , so he brought her to BBTRC. 2 years later Oreo all the sudden should be sold as a lesson horse by the other partner , Perez family donated their half and our friends and supporters , the Kelly Family purchased the other half for 4000$ for us . A big thank you to both of you, since we couldn't do our program without Oreo , who is great for every job and simply the rock of our program together with her friend Miss Skippa Bug

Bisquit cropped.jpg


15 year old Draft Mix Mare

Biscuit had been beaten and abandoned by a local trainer and was scheduled for the horse auction. But Bernadette has a knack for finding the diamond in the rough and once again, she gave a beautiful unwanted horse a new home, a new job and a new life. Biscuit is now healthy and happy and has become quite a fantastic therapy horse.



27 year old Paso Fino

Donoso came to the BBTRC after his owner passed away from cancer. This beautiful horse is gaited horse, which means he is very smooth even at faster gaits. Riders with back issues or less head control can enjoy his smooth ride! Our students and volunteers felt in love with him, his personality and bright white hair… He earned his new name: Unicorn !